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Metal & recycling, commercial waste, renewable energy solutions

From the grandest of steelwork projects to the most modest: EWB liMITED has the capacity and care to deliver every contract to the same exacting standard.

Our Services

Metal & Steel

As a metal recycler, a good corporate citizen and as a company of people who also want a healthy future for our families, we believe environmental stewardship is an important investment. And it is embedded in everything we do. We will help you unlock the value of your scrap, while building a sustainable relationship founded on trust. Our innovative thinking is backed up with clear and transparent communication, efficient logistical support, and ongoing investment in employee training and equipment.

Renewable Energy

Combining onshore and offshore wind, hydro and innovative technologies, 

Through the Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to find the right balance between short-term and long-term initiatives that have a real positive and sustainable impact in the geographies where we operate.

Waste Management

Collection and treatment service for all your business waste management needs. We are here to help you manage your business recycling and waste removal and waste disposal. Regardless of your size, we will work with you to treat your waste in the best possible way for the environment and your business.

EWB offers a reliable, localised solution backed by excellent environmental credentials designed to benefit both your business and the planet. We are able to ensure NONE of your business waste goes to landfill, and, with decades of experiences, you won’t find a better service.

RDF Waste

Waste is first processed and then transported to energy from waste plants and cement kilns in the UK. RDF comprises non-hazardous municipal and commercial waste that’s been sorted and processed, with recyclables, organics and fines removed – so it’s ready to feed into Waste to Energy (WTE) plants. We collect RDF from waste management companies then deliver it to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants.

With an unrivaled understanding of the waste and recycling industry, we’re an award-winning pioneer in sourcing, specifying and distributing RDF. That’s why we offer a full supply chain solution for businesses like yours.

Wood Pellets

EWB Limited is proud to supply an unbeatable range of wood pellets. Impeccable service, fast delivery and unrivaled quality from a company you can trust. Whether you are looking for the Cheapest Pellets, or the most calorific, you’re at the right place with the UK’s favourite wood pellet experts.

Construction Materials

We offer the correct products at the best prices.
Distributors of the top construction product brands. Reliable, quality products that you can have confidence in.

We have a great team of employees, who have gained a unique level of expertise & experience over the years of working in the construction industry. Our company prides itself on offering a very wide range of products and also can help you with your special requirements, with every step of the process being fully adhered to.

Social Housing

Initial consultation, Site assessments, Planning applications, Negotiations, and Appeals,

Sectors we provide planning consultancy advice within Residential, Office, Industrial, Retail & Leisure, Hotels, Automotive & Roadside, Science & Technology, Healthcare, Education
Student, Accommodation, Alternative Sectors, Affordable Housing, the aim of a planning, consultancy service is to help clients navigate the complex planning system and achieve their development goals.

Social housing services

Also known as housing associations.
Council housing: Affordable housing to people in need within their area.
Housing associations: That provide affordable housing to people on low incomes.
Sheltered housing is designed for older people who are able to live independently but may require some extra support. May offer communal facilities and on-site support.
Supported housing is designed for people with more complex needs, such as mental health issues or disabilities.
Temporary accommodation: Providing temporary accommodation to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Overall, social housing services in the aim to provide safe, affordable, and secure housing to people in need, and to help them access support services where necessary.

Development Consultancy

Our key skills include:

Commercial and mixed-use development Mixed-use and urban regeneration Development partner selection Strategic land development Feasibility and viability assessments
Funding and delivery structures Town centre and urban regeneration Residential development Land assembly Landowner agreements
Project management Estate strategies and rationalisation Surplus asset disposals. Our specialists work nationally across regional hubs offering clients local knowledge and local market knowledge to offer clients a premium service and unrivaled expertise.

Design Services

Design can help designers to create more accurate, efficient, and visually appealing housing designs. The software can save time and reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks and providing instant feedback on design decisions.

Construction Project Management

Our project management ensures that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. Working closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to manage the various stages of the construction process.
key activities
Project planning, Cost estimation, Scheduling, Resource management, Quality control, Risk management.
Overall, construction project management plays a critical role in ensuring that construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. Effective project management can help to minimize risk, reduce costs, and ensure that the final result meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders involved in the project.

Building surveying housing regeneration and renovations

Building surveying housing regeneration and renovations involves assessing the condition and suitability of existing buildings and structures and making recommendations for repairs, improvements or redevelopment. This process is undertaken as part of a wider housing regeneration or renovation project, which aims to improve the quality, sustainability, and affordability of housing.
Building surveyors are responsible for inspecting buildings and identifying any defects or issues that need to be addressed. This may involve assessing the condition of the building’s structural elements, such as walls, floors, and roofs, as well as the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
housing regeneration and renovations, building surveying also involve the following activities:
Energy efficiency assessments, Energy efficiency of existing buildings, and recommend improvements to insulation, heating systems, and windows to reduce energy consumption and costs. Accessibility assessments, Environmental assessments. building surveying, housing regeneration and renovation projects are carried out effectively, efficiently, and sustainably, with a focus on improving the quality and affordability of housing for local communities.


We provide advice across all forms of energy including:

  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Biomass
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Demand Response
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Energy from Waste
  • Hydropower
  • Onshore Oil & Gas
  • Solar
  • Wind

Local & Government approvals

We help housing projects to navigate the complex planning of approval process. We can assist with everything from preparing planning applications and supporting documents to engaging with local and government authorities and other stakeholders.


Advisory services Building Consultancy Infrastructure & Energy Mapping & Geospatial Minerals & Waste Management Valuations Commercial Landlord Advisory Commercial Tenant Advisory Corporate Real Estate Finance & Arbitration Property Investment ​Consultancy & Strategy Property & Asset Management Public & Third Sector


The key to the development of our company is the commitment to forming close working relationships between our clients, design teams, suppliers and sub-contractors.

No matter the size of the budget, or the scale of the project, we aim to provide our clients with a remarkable steel work design and build service from start to finish.

We have grown in strength and stature and can now process tonnes of structural steel per week to service the Agricultural, Commercial, Education, Gas and Oil, Health, Industrial and Power sectors.

Some of our services

These are just some of the services we can provide to suit your needs. Please see our services page for more details.

Solid/Fines Removal from Sludge

Secondary digester cleaning we are able to remove all the grit solids from the sludge. The grit is disposed or recycled as a solid waste, the liquids are returned to the intakes in order they can be dewatered. Major cost savings as there are no liquids taken off-site to dispose of

Filter Refurbishment

We specialise in all types of Filter Refurbishment, including RGF, Pressure and Slow Sand.

Filter Media Washing and Separation

Washing and separating various types of filter media, sand anthracite, gravel and granite. We have the capability to recover your filter media

GAC Recovery and Off-Site Recycling

Providing a GAC recovery service, if the GAC is too fine then we can recover from the backwash tank and recycle to an EA-approved site, the cost for removal from the site is nominal as just the haulage to the recycling facility

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